Womens Bikini Bottoms

Are you searching for the perfect pair of bikini bottoms? At Love Anchor, our styles are all created to fit perfectly with different woman’s shape. We know we have a pair you’ll fall in love with right away. As a team that understands how women throughout Bali, Australia & the world have different shapes and style desires, we provide women’s bikini bottoms in an array of styles from high waisted, to skimpy cut perfect for the beach or high cut styles. Whether you want to cover your waist or expose it entirely, we know our swimwear bottoms won’t let you down when you’re active and enjoying the surf. 

If you’re shopping for bathing suit bottoms and constantly hitting a wall of frustration, you’re in the right place. Serving women throughout Bali & Australia, and worldwide, we have sold bikini bottoms in lots of different styles. From this, we have curated a list of our most popular styles.

 From those that love high waisted swimwear, we have a great pair for you! To women’s swim bottoms that are skimpy, and perfect for poolside. There’s also bikini top available to match. Once you’re done browsing our range, you’ll be able to build a collection that’s ideal for the summer or your next vacation in Bali!

At Love Anchor, our bathing suit bottoms will also maintain your comfort. Each of our designers uses materials that remain robust, look fantastic, and stay elasticated enough to work with your body rather than against it.

A women’s swim bottoms range that you’ll enjoy

If you’re seeking the comfort that comes with high waisted bikini bottoms, come to us. Alongside featuring those that are plain, we work with designers who inject lots of style into each pair. If you’re looking to take a traditional approach, our black bikini bottoms might even encourage you to take a creative approach. Alongside those that come in a conventional cut, our black bikini bottoms are also available in the latest styles.

If you’re seeking a bikini style that’s perfect for the surf, these bikini bottoms are perfect for surfing, hitting the beach or active lifestyle. 

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