Rattan Bag

Rattan Handmade Wooden Bags

Enjoy our beautiful range of boho, wooden bags by Love Anchor. Made from beautiful Rattan materials, our bags can be bought online, in-store or even wholesale. These wooden bags can be shipped worldwide, and are perfect for festivals, parties, beach days, or even a relaxing day of shopping.

Worn crossbody, or across the shoulder, this handbag is your go-to bag when you are going for a bohemian look. Naturally made with made from rattan for natural texture & eco- friendly quality. Carry all your essentials in style. This handmade straw bag features enough space for all your belongings, including iPhone, cards, cash and sunscreen!

What kind of material is rattan?

Rattan originally referred to a natural fibre harvested from a family of palms in Southeast Asia. These days we use a more modern, lightweight, synthetic material called polyethylene rattan.

What is rattan wood?

Rattan is a naturally renewable palm that grows in the tropical regions of Asia and Australasia and is used for baskets, handbags, furniture, homewares, decor, and building material among other things. Rattan continues to be an invaluable part of rural people’s livelihoods in South and Southeast Asia, especially Bali.

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