How to Set Up a Clothing Label/Brand in Bali

Setting up a clothing business in Bali is a popular choice among ex-pats, and entrepreneurs alike living on the island or migrating home. The Island of the Gods is home to so many friendly people willing to help you start your new business in fashion, clothing and apparel.  

However, there are several important aspects to consider first and it can be a lot of hard work, but if you have the right research and team behind you, then starting a label in Bali can also be a lot of fun!


So you’ve picked out a brand name, registered it on social media and listed your business, and domain. You’re ready to get this clothing label started! 

Alright, this is the where the hard work starts and will be important to plan ahead, with keeping in mind the logistics, and type of product/business you want to run. 

To start with, you will need funds. Prepare to become a budget enthusiast, who puts their savings back into their business. Make a business plan, as well as putting together a marketing plan, this will be the backbone of your business.

Then you have to choose a manufacturer you can trust, who can help in creating either a sample of the apparel/clothing or structuring and fabricating it yourself, then bringing the sample to them. 

Finding your dream BALI MANUFACTURER 


Shop in our Bazaar located in Canggu Bali for many Balinese products!

To put it easily, you want to ensure you understand the demand for your product before placing your order. Do you have enough time to launch your product in the right season? Have you researched other brands who offer a similar product?

Once you’ve put together your funds, and understand how much you want to produce initially (your collection) then you’re ready to find the right people to help get the job done.

The best place to start looking for a manufacturer is either on Google or right here (we’re kinda the specialists when it comes to Manufacturing quality clothing in Bali and have been doing this for years!)

Selecting the manufacturer ideally sets you up with a contact who will help you select patterns, colours, fabric sourcing etc. You need to find a team that can help do the process end to end. 

Bring your garment samples to the manufacturer, or to see our team (in Canggu), and we’ll help you create your dream apparel collections from Swimwear to T-Shirts, Skirts or Tops – Men’s and Women’s, we don’t discriminate!

It’s important to select a manufacturer that has a good reputation and understands fashion and business. 


Sourcing fabrics in bali

When you’ve discovered your producer and have finished your plans, you have to source your textures, fabrics and materials. 

At Love Anchor, we can help ease this process for you and will help you with contacts in Bali to make this process smooth.  You want to source good quality fabrics, that you know you can get more of in the future!

It’s a important to also look at how eco-friendly the fabrics are, and the production behind them. At Love Anchor, this is a really important part of our business, sustainability and fabrics that are ethically sourced! 

If you want more advice on fabrics, contact our team!

Bali Clothing Manufacturers

Bali is known to produce some of the best quality clothing and fabrics, both ethically and environmentally friendly. Bali has been a choice for new clothing startups for years, due to the great conditions of the garment factories and the fair work conditions for the people. 

Bali produces some of the best textiles from natural fibres using sophisticated methods and styles. Starting a clothing collection can be a lengthy procedure, as there is a lot of steps involved in the production process. 

Truth be told, if you want to breathe life into your dreams, you need to have patience and a keen eye for design. The Balinese are known for their amazing craftsmanship. So if you bring the sample to us, we can create this in multiple sizes, styles, and produce everything for you just in time for your collection to launch. 

SAMPLES, Fabric & Testing

The last step is to do an example run of your articles of clothing before conclusive production. 

Generally, you should create several samples to ensure the quality, and sizing is correct. You want to style these pieces on friends, family, coworkers, and ensure you’re getting premium-quality designs can be worn day-to-day, as well as washed, and dried (Don’t forget to put them through these tests). 

Make sure you nail this step, as modifications after the main testing stage can be hard to do.  

Subsequent to settling your pieces of clothing, then you’re all systems GO on the production front. 



Our photography studio has equipment included in the hire fee!

OK, your items are all prepared to dispatch, yet you have to take a shot at offering it for sale to the public. You’ll need photos!

If you want to start an easy ecommerce site, the best CMS to use is Shopify, it’s easy to use, and has the best free templates!

Here is a great blog by Shopify on how to get started, read here.

Here’s a quick checklist of what you should have before you begin making your online store:

  • A business name
  • Product information
  • Photos
  • Pricing
  • Postage/Delivery options
  • A logo

Read more below about how to shoot those amazing images for your new online store!


Now it’s the fun part, you have to get some bomb shots for your website or socials. 


Visit our Photography Studio in the heart of Canggu, Bali

When you’re ready to get THE SHOT and embody all of your hard work into some beautiful images for your site, it’s time to find a photo studio or spot to take the pictures (the backdrops in Bali are amazing, so you’re in the best place to do it)

Be that as it may, Love Anchor actually has a Photo Studio you can use perfect for product and Fashion high fashion shoots!

If you want a place where you have all the equipment ready to use, then we’re your guys! 

You need a place where a photographer can jump in and get it right the first time. The studio needs to be clean, with a nice white backdrop perfect for putting all of the attention straight onto the PRODUCT at hand. 

Otherwise, there are some perfect idyllic locations in Bali, amazing beaches, rice paddies, restaurants and outdoor areas perfect for capturing good content (read here for more).

We hope you’ve found this blog both educational, but reassuring, that Bali is the perfect place to start a fashion label 🙂

Contact the team at Love Anchor with any questions around what you’ve read in the blog, we’re here to help!

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