About Us

About Us

Love Anchor nestled in the heart of coastal Canggu, Bali – Indonesia.

was built from the ground using solid Javanese Teak wood and Iron Wood. This idea emerged when the owner was first time met and fall in love with his wife, married then decided build and  live there as family.  Always Together from very  beginning  project travelled back and forth from Java bring the wood to Bali on firsthand.

It was fully established in 2012 to provide a heart-warming lifestyle hub that caters good music and tranquil ambience to the people and visitors of Canggu. The place slowly turns into a brand that prides itself for recognising local craftsmanship.

The name Love Anchor was taken from the ‘wheel and anchor’ symbol in the Gypsy mythology, which means to keep going until you find your heart and the place that you love. This philosophy is taken from Canggu as the perfect place to host a sanctuary, away from the rowdy areas of the island, and holds a personal meaning.

Building a lively sanctuary that welcomes everyone has been a mission that we’ve kept since the beginning. Today, we stand strong as one of the must-visit places around Canggu.

Love Anchor offers a selection of authentic goods ranging from a vast selection of jewellery and clothing that is available for women, men, and kids. Our products are especially crafted by local designers, tailors, and producers, with comfortable fabrics to create unique pieces that are perfectly functional for the everyday island life.

With the intention to embrace noteworthy local artisans and create an immersive shopping experience, visitors can expect weekly local bazaar and some other event varieties happening at the space. Come and experience the modern craftsmanship of Bali!

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